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Worthy Moments by Dixit

A night with ‘Indian Elvis’ at The Royal Spiceland

Step into the enchanting world of music and spice, where legends are reborn and culinary wonders await. The Royal Spiceland in Sawtry recently hosted an unforgettable evening “Elvis Night” featuring the one and only ‘Rocker Sal.’ This fusion of two cultural icons delivered an experience like no other.

As we entered the restaurant, the melodious tunes of ‘Elvis’ filled the air, immediately transporting us to a world of nostalgic melodies and Bollywood hits. The performer’s uncanny resemblance to Elvis Presley, coupled with a unique Indian twist, left the audience in awe.

The Royal Spiceland, known for its delectable Indian cuisine, added a gastronomic touch to the night. The aroma of aromatic spices and flavorsome dishes tantalized our taste buds, making it a feast for both the senses.

The night was a harmonious blend of music and cuisine, making it an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking for a unique evening of music and flavor, The Royal Spiceland’s ‘Indian Elvis’ night is a must-attend event.

Capture the enchantment of the ‘Indian Elvis’ night at The Royal Spiceland, Sawtry through stunning photography. Relive the magic with our event photos shoot by Dixit Dhinakaran.